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The services below are provided to existing subscribers but are no longer available for sign up. If you currently subscribe to one of these services,  you are welcome to continue for now and move over to our new service plans when they become available.

The Netexpress VDSL Service - Broadband & Telephone connections:

VDSL is faster broadband, compared to ADSL.  This is your only increased speed option if your house is not yet in an area with fibre provided.  VDSL provides a faster download and upload.  The increased upload capability makes it especially important where Voice over IP (such as Skype) and other real time and remote backup applications are being used in a multi-user household. 

Listed below are the new options which we are introducing in May 2015; A lot more Internet monthly volume capacity included. As with other ISPs, the email service has become a separate item.

If you are on an older plan it is time to migrate, as if you remain with phone line from one provider and broadband from another you will miss out on savings!

The VDSL broadband lines provided with the plans here are still based on the existing copper circuit into your home. The new services in these plans either incorporate a Plain-provided phone line or have no associated phone line (naked Broadband).

To qualify for the naked broadband service your phone service must be disconnected, or provided on a separate copper line where the circuitry it already available. [Existing plans that have broadband across a phone line from a different company are having a price increase from 1 May.]

On the plans with a phone line you can choose to subscribe to calling plan A or B listed below for special pricing on national calling.

Residential VDSL broadband and phone line options

Plan Broadband Type With Phone
Naked BB
Data included
 (1GB = 1000MB)


Netexpress V150 VDSL (High Speed) $110.00 $100.00 150GB Standard term
Netexpress V300 VDSL (High Speed) $120.00 $110.00 300GB Standard term
Netexpress V600 VDSL (High Speed) $130.00 $120.00 600GB Standard term

Call Plans for connections with Netexpress phone line service

Call Plan Included Calling Minutes Price per month
Plan A 300 minutes to national landlines $20.00
Plan B 200 minutes to national landlines
and 75 minutes to national mobile



Description Price per month
Call diversion $4
Call waiting $4
Voicemail $6
Caller ID display $7
Wiring & Maintenance $6
Faxability $4
Static IP address $10
Up to 3 month acct suspension No longer available
Confidential number Free
VDSL Modem with wireless (WIFI) Contact us for Pricing
up to 200 MB of mail storage $5
up to 1 GB of mail storage (POP3 & IMAP support) $8
10 GB of mail storage (POP3 & IMAP support, mail backup) $15

All Prices Include GST.

Prices correct as of April 2015.  New plans and pricing may be introduced without notice.

* If you exceed your monthly data cap you will be charged $2.00 per 1000MB block or part there of.
** All VDSL connections come with a-12-month standard connection term.

New installations that require exchange service connection, $110   Where site visit to your premises is required, or custom wiring, then additional fees apply.

Full Installation to new premises that has not had Internet or Telephone before connection $380.00.

Contact us early if planning to move to premises.  We need at least 14 working days notice to have this proceed well. 


Early Termination

Early Termination Fee - 24 months contract* within 1st 12 months - $499
within the 2nd 12 months - $299

There are pricing breaks on mailbox and other services with 24 month plans.

Contact Us NOW for more detail.