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Performance of Wireless (WIFI) at home:

WIFI devices (computers, tablets, smartphones etc) communicate by wireless signals with the wireless function on you modem. Your modem acts as a router sending and receiving data from the Internet and also acts as a wireless access point to provide that data to WIFI devices that are within its wireless range.

WIFI usually uses 2.4GHz wavelength, but some can use 5GHz wavelength.  We do not supply modems with 5 GHz access point to residential customers. However, you can purchase your own if you see some advantage, but many older devices would connect to it at a slower speed and may impede the performance of the wireless access point.  

Many factors can influence the speed of your WiFi network:

  • Your modem/access point specification
  • The number of devices connecting
  • Possible interference from other wireless devices such as 2.4GHz cordless phones
  • Neighbourhood WIFI channel saturation
  • High number of connections or throughput from users on video Skype
  • High use from a device at the outer distance from the WIFI access point
  • Upload of large files

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