About PCL

Oldest ISP:
PCL(Plain Communications Ltd) is a well-established local company, founded in 1994, and is the oldest full Internet Service Provider in Canterbury as well being the first New Zealand ISP to offer commercial web hosting.

Internet Services :
PCL provides a full range of high quality, competitively priced Internet services. If you are seeking Web Hosting & Ecommerce then contact Plain Communications for direct access to those who really know how to get the best for you out of these technologies. PCL's priority is working to enhance business and personal communications and make the Internet experience positive for all involved.

Today, PCL offers personal and business connections to the Internet . Whether customers are connecting at conventional modem speed or using a broadband service through PCL they have access to a range of additional services such as webmail and customisable spam filtering.

Web Software :
Since 1999, PCL invested in and focused on a broader business direction involving the specialist expertise and software that supports ecommerce (online business). The Evanta division of PCL is specifically focused in the areas of web hosting, web software, web programming and ecommerce solutions. Today PCL offers softwares for these areas on either rental or purchase basis. Ask us about web software to meet your online business requirements. Contact us today!


Consultancy :
PCL offers consultancy service to business clients to develop comprehensive Internet strategies. Please contact us for further information.