PCL Linux Servers:  Resilient and Economical

PCL delivers flexible, modular server technology that is easy to maintain.

Servers from PCL are delivered as turnkey solutions ready to meet you onsite requirements.

  • GNU Linux - a free, stable and popular server operating system
  • Applications such as Postfix for your mail server that are also open source, stable and free
  • PCL's Linux support - the ISP division of PCL has been running Linux since 1996 for email, web and archive services

By using GNU Linux for the operating system alongside well-known open source applications that come within the Linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu you are well placed.  By using this approach your key networking tasks and a wide range of services are provided without license costs.

PCL offers rental terms for the hardware and maintenance, and pre-configures equipment to your needs.

For example you can have a mail server pre-configured to operate in your domain, brought to your premises, plugged into your office network  ready-to-go.  If you wish it can be provided with automated remote back up, for a small addition to your monthly rental..

You can make changes to your server to suit your changing needs via easy-to-follow browser-based administration.  As your organisation grows these Linux solutions can be readily scaled to meet your needs.

The PCL Linux support desk delivers security updates remotely  and checks your server's performance and hardware health.  In most cases PCL can respond remotely to administration issues.  If you have selected remote backup then should an urgent hardware issue or physical connectivity problem arise at your site then you can have rapid deployment of a mirror of your mail server.

PCL also provides support for Microsoft Windows Servers and other operating systems chosen by our customers.  With experience in a range of server systems we are positioned to provide impartial guidance to organisations needing reliable, secure network and server solutions.  We take into account your legacy systems and required system compatibilities as well as budget constraints that you have, and base our recommendations on practical insight and experience.

Let us use our years of experience to assess your Internet networking requirements and recommend local and wide area solutions that will best accommodate your business needs.

We will guide your move to establish and maintain these solutions - everything from your secure file server to your Internet presence.

We design solutions to best meet your business's needs with:

  • »   Router gateways and firewalling.
  • »   Proxy-cache servers and mail-hosting.
  • »   Internet Mail servers.
  • »   Intranet file servers.
  • »   Remotely managed Linux solutions.
  • »   Server monitoring systems.
  • »   Inter-office communication systems.
  • »   Virtual Private Network solutions.
  • »   Advanced serviced firewalls.
  • »   Customised Web and FTP servers.

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