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  * CyberXpress Web Hosting for more detail concerning our monthly rental of web space for your site

  * or visit Evanta Web Hosting for our yearly rental model web hosting

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For your convenience here are the

Pricing Plans for our CyberXpress Web Hosting

(Hosting is under GNU Linux operating system and web programming in PHP 4 or PHP 5 is supported).

Please Note: Prices stated are GST exclusive.

Plan Monthly
Storage PHP Enabled
SSL Directory
  Low Activity :
 WWW16 $16.00 5 MB1 1 MB2 NO NO
 WWW30 $30.00 15 MB1 2 MB2 YES YES3 5 MB
 Moderate Activity :
 WWW40 $40.00 25 MB1 5 MB2 YES YES310 MB
 WWW60 $60.00 50 MB1 YES YES YES3
  Medium Activity :
 WWW85 $85.00 100 MB1 YES YES YES3
 WWW110 $110.00 200 MB1 YES YES YES3
  High Activity: Contact us, to get a tailored solution


»1 For each 10MB over the storage limit, another $10 per month.

»2 $10 per month

»3 SSL access to MySQL $15 per month.

All accounts include:

»PHP4 or PHP5

»PHP Session module is supported

»HTTP_AUTH password protection option for folders fully supported.

»PHP email form sample code available.

»Several server based URL redirections available (number depends on account chosen).

»Server based URL aliases available (number depends on account chosen).

»PHP Database admin page available with MySQL database option.

»National Internet Exchange transparent acceleration (makes your website present quickly to all major NZ networks).

»A free 60 minute initial consultation concerning site design, strategy and promotion.

 »FTP access.

»Weekly backup of web sites.

»High-performance bandwidth.

»Daily Graphical Statistics update detailing site access/hits.

Admin Fees:

»1. HTML intervention where you or your representative requests changes $65 per hour (minimum charge $25).

»2. PHP and MySQL support or programme problem solving is $80 per hour (minimum charge out $35).

»3. Backup restores and security intervention [for example if PHP you create is exploitable ] $120 per hour ( minimum charge $40).

»4. Response to bulk mail out complaints or blocking lists that in the provider's judgement results from your high risk use of access to mail out facilities will be charged at $120 per hour.