The Affiliation Plan

Affiliates of Plain Communications - providing our CyberXpress Web Hosting Products can introduce the following hosting plans and receive the listed commissions per website (rates below in bands according the number of websites you have introduced):

Commission Rates


Monthly Charge

From 1 to 5 WEBSITES

From 6 to 19 WEBSITES

From 20 Plus WEBSITES

Low Activity:











Moderate Activity:











Medium Activity:











High Activity: Contact us

Commission for Additional Services:
SSL: $2.50

Domain Names:

Registration of domain names does not attract specific commission but it is a requirement for commission-eligible web hosting, that Plain does the name registration for you through our nominated registrar. See domain registration for pricing.

Otherwise domain hosting is a separate requirement for web hosting and is charged at $6 per month.
Plain Communications encourages affiliates to arrange sale of its web products/softwares and also rewards successful introduction of clients for database projects and business data solutions. The commission for such customer introduction is determined by the scope of the resulting project.

All the above commissions are stated excluding GST.
GST will be paid also where the affiliate is GST Registered and supplies a tax invoice to the amount stipulated by Plain for the given month.
Payments are made quarterly.
Commission payments are dependent upon Plain Communications receiving timely payments on the relevant invoices from the customers concerned.

Contact Us NOW for more detail.