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Cart Activator, our software for your online shop(s):

Cart Activator comes in three levels.


Web Shop

  • This software supports retailing a wide range of products
  • Products can have varying attributes provided that attributes do not introduce price-variation
  • Product specials
  • Fixed freight per order
  • Online admin for appearance and format of cart
  • Web upload interface for cart graphics
  • Web admin to create basic associated web pages for home, terms of trade etc.
  • Web admin for creating, editing, and deleting product information
  • Web admin for controlling freight fee
  • Web interface for refunding via epayment option
  • GST calculation and receipting
  • Print and fax alternative order page
  • One epayment option
  • Wider range of reports on transactions, orders, and customer

Web Trader

  • It's capable of up to 5 catalogues
  • Unlimited non price variation attributes per product
  • Freight by weight or fixed freight price per order
  • Multiple courier
  • Search for a product
  • Alternate mode for product download for digital products
  • Web upload interface for cart graphics
  • Web admin for controlling freight fees per courier & weight
  • Customer login for repeat business customers to save preferences
  • 2 Epayment options
  • Web Trader includes everything that Web Shop offers

Web Enterprise

  • Multi website use of the cart and epayment system per merchant id
  • Can be used for more than one merchant id
  • Multi shipping destinations per order
  • Unlimited catalogues and full admin for creation of such
  • Multiple epayment options
  • Web Enterprise includes everything that Web Trader offers


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