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Ensure Results with our clear attractive design work.


During the design process we work with you to optimise your web promotion prospects.

  • We build search engine friendly pages using sensible constructs.
  • We help you acquire a web site of which you can be proud.
  • All for an affordable price.

What We Can Provide For You:

  • Professional design and layout.
  • Quality web-optimised graphics.
  • Expert site programming.
  • Database integration.
  • Web-based site update facility.
  • Affordable maintenance solutions.
  • Web pages using unicode

Our staff have expertise in non-Romanic character site construction
including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai

Our charge out rates (pre GST):

  • graphic design $80 per hour
  • testing and advisory services $80 per hour
  • web programming $120 per hour
  • HTML design $75 per hour
* This price list is current as at 08-Sep-2009 and may change without notice
Check out these sites for examples of our quality services: