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What does Ecommerce include?

Ecommerce doesn't simply refer to interactivity within a website. It includes online transactions, online billing, pre and post sales communications, stock control and ordering through the web and generally assisting business relationships to proceed smoothly through online information systems.

Responding to the needs of customers we researched common Ecommerce solutions on their behalf.  We found there were often either no pre-packaged solutions to manage their online billing in relation to their particular website business or the only options were costly. This meant we found ourselves building solutions that allowed vendors to keep track of online business over time.  The demand for a new suite of applications specifically addressing web vendor requirements led to the establishment of our web programming and specialised hosting unit called Evanta.

EPay Activator for the epayments phase is in addition an important area in which we have sophisticated software ready to go for clients. It integrates into Paymark, the system operated by ETSL the company owned the four major banks in New Zealand for electronic transaction services.

Ecommerce goals we assist our customers to meet include:
  • Monitoring product sales levels
  • Channel communications
  • Attracting return business through effective online systems

Affordably, Easily, and Effectively!




Evanta is a progressive solution provider in the ecommerce space. Ecommerce is a lot more than simply having a web site that lists your products. From hosting and/or designing your online shop to implementing a large web based inventory and procurement system, Evanta can guide you safely through the integration process.


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