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  Looking for:
  •   template-driven content management for your website?
  •   web shopping cart solution?
  •   web forum system?
  •   web survey?
  ...or other smart web software to improve your e-presence and realise more of the potential of web business?

Our Evanta division is delivering these and more.
  Ensure Results with our clear attractive design work.

  •    Professional design and layout.
  •    Quality web-optimised graphics.
  •    Expert site programming.
  •    Database integration.
  •    Web-based site update facility.
  •    Affordable maintenance solutions.
  •    Web pages with alternatives in other languages

Our staff have expertise in non-Romanic-character site construction including Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai
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  Ecommerce is your opportunity to use electronic communication to expand your:

  •   Market presence internationally
  •   Product sales levels
  •   Channel communications
  •   Company coordination

Ecommerce for a website owner is more than providing web forms..


CartActivator - our software for your online shop(s):


Cart Activator comes in three levels.

  •   Web Shop
  •   Web Trader
  •   Web Enterprise
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